Dress Code: 'Hotel Wear'

Student Reminder of Professional Practices

* No visible facial piercing. Females are permitted stud earring for their ears; no big flashy jewelry.

* Suits: Dark pants/skirt with a dress shirt and blazer/cardigan.

* Skirt: Knee length.

* Pants: Dark dress pants, no tight skinny pants, low rider pants or jeans allowed.

* Shirt: Conservative collared dress shirt; no logos, no t-shirts, females blouses must not be tight fitting (buttons pulling).

* Dark blazer/cardigan: no casual sweaters or sport zip-ups.

* Ties: All males must wear ties at all times - dark and conservative, nothing flashy.

* No visible tattoos.

* Make-up: Females are encouraged to wear natural looking make up ; nothing aggressive and no bright/extreme eye shadows/lipsticks allowed.

* Nails: Clean, groomed and trimmed at all times.

* Females are only permitted to wear natural and conservative coloured polish, no jewels or patterns.

* No ski/sport jackets; all students should be in dress coats, blazers or dark cardigans.

* Shoes: Closed-toe, flat black dress shoes are to be worn at all times. Casual wear is not to be worn into the building (no Uggs, sneakers, boots etc).

* Socks: Black dress socks are to be worn with black/dark dress pants - light coloured socks and ankle/sport socks are not acceptable.

* Facial hair: Men are required to shave everyday; if a beard/mustache is previously established, it must be trimmed; students are not to grow facial hair throughout the duration of the program.

* Hair: Must be of a natural colour, roots must be maintained at all times; no bright or crazy hair colouring.

* Hair must be out of students face.

* Hair must be clean, a presented nicely (males - gel and tidy).

* No flashy/bright coloured hair clips.

* All haircuts must be professional and conservative.


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