Culture Studies: Jazz Appreciation

Jazz appreciation every Wednesday evening in February.

Please note:

1. Availability limited to 3 students for each performance, and the attendees will be accompanied by a representative from Imperial Hotel Management College.
2. The live performance will be held every Wednesday from 5:30 to 7:00pm at Bar 3 of the Vancouver Club. Refreshments and drinks will be served.
3. The Vancouver Club has a strict dress code and business attire is required.
4. Please reserve your space with 48 hours in advance (by Monday 5:30pm).
5. There is no cost to this event, provided you are a current student or graduate from Imperial Hotel Management College.
6. A student may request to bring a friend, but there will be a $10 fee which will be put into a fund for future student events.
7. If there is a conflict with a student's hotel training, the professional obligation will have the priority over this event.
8. The series will be held weekly with the last performance held on February 27.

February 6 - Jillian Lebeck (Piano, Vocals), Paul Townsend (Drums), Allan Johnston (Bass)

February 13 - Ron Thompson (Jazz Guitar), Lorne Kellett (Piano), Stan Taylor (Drums), Allan Johnston (Bass)

February 20 - Melody Diachun (Vocals) Doug Stephenson (Guitar), Gilberto Moreaux (Drums), Allan Johnston (Bass)

February 27 - Karen Graves (Vocals, Saxophones), Andre Carrasquero (Piano), Gilberto Moreaux (Drums, Allan Johnston (Bass)


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