Luxury Studies: Legendary Watches

To provide the best guest experience, sometimes having just a friendly and helpful attitude may not be enough. It is important for hospitality professionals working at high-end luxury hotels to have a good understanding of the living lifestyle and culture of the guests.

The purpose of the series of articles posted on the blog, covering a wide range of topics, is to help students develop a broad awareness of the way of life, value, and taste of travelers in the upscale luxury sector.

Introduction to the most important watches made from 1911-2000

Oyster, Reverso, Tank, Calatrava... their names inspire awe and admiration. These are legendary models, the icons of the watchmaking world. The members of this very select club made an indelible impression right from their launch, or very soon after. Something about them set these watches apart, and they have remained special ever since. These are models that have inspired variations, giving rise over time to a collection; models that have adorned famous wrists or become synonymous with an event. But none of this happened by chance. Before circumstances raised them to legendary status, each of these watches stood out for its intrinsic qualities, whether technical or aesthetic.


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