Marriott Singapore Buffet: Award-winning TV Commercial

Marriott Hotel Singapore want people to know that there is plenty to eat at their eating establishments: Crossroads Cafe, Lobby Lounge, Pastry Shop, Garden Terrace Bar and Grill, Marriott Cafe and the Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant. It’s all made clear in the award-winning 2004 “Kidnap” television commercial.

Large man screams as kidnappers attempt to push him into car - Ad for MarriottA large young man is running down the middle of the street, pursued by a slow moving car. The car stops. Two men jump out and attempt to get the guy into the car, yelling in Mandarin. Unfortunately for them, he’s just too big to get in the car. They jump back in and take off, leaving our chap sitting beside the road. The text: “FAT PEOPLE ARE HARD TO KIDNAP. ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFET $31.95. Marriott.”

Director of Marketing Hwee Sho didn’t have far to go to find an advertising agency for this campaign. Singapore Marriott Hotel is 320 Orchard Rd. McCann-Erickson Singapore is right next door at at 360 Orchard Rd. The agency team included copywriter Craig Rosenthal, art director Ivan Hady Wibowo, creative director Tian It Ng, agency producer Frances Tan, and account handler Eric Ng.

‘Kidnap’ was produced by Singapore production company Moviola, where the clip is hosted as a 3.13 mb FLV file. Director KC Teo worked with producer Ronnie Lee.

Eng Yong Teh, editor, works with Frameworks, Singapore. Sound Designer was Jerry Teo with Yellowbox. Post production was done at VHQ Post, Singapore.

Duncan Macleod


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