Never chew with the mouth open

Basic manners you must know

Nothing makes you look like an absolute fool than chewing with your mouth open.

You are an adult and had a long time to pick up the 'skill'. It doesn't matter whether you are eating with close friends or in a business dining environment; simply put, you must never open your mouth when there is food, candy or gum inside.

In this world, there are certain basic etiquette rules and this is one of them. It'll make you look rude, poor-mannered and most unrefined. Chewing with a mouth open is similar to picking your nose in public, absolutely unacceptable.

Why? Because no one wants to see what's in your mouth, nor be a potential victim of the food you spit at them, and the offensive noises you make when drinking or eating with your mouth open is most unpleasant.

If you do ever chew with an opened mouth, please take immediate action, it is a serious matter. It is unfortunate that you were brought up without being taught to form this important habit. However, you are fortunate to have the opportunity to correct it at this early stage in your career.

You may not realize but most people around you do, and it is the number one "good impression" killer.

If you need assistance, please contact student services, we have tricks to help you overcome this poor offensive habit.

1. Finger on lips trick, have your partner or spouse put a finger on your lips whenever you forget.

2. If you have a friend who is an offender, consider using the email icon below to send an anonymous message.

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