Peninsula Tokyo

a case study of the in-room technology
in one of the most luxurious & hi-tech
hotel room in the world

The Peninsula Tokyo is generally considered one of the most high-tech and luxurious hotels in the world, it opened in 2007.

It has many innovative features all hoteliers should be familiar with. While there are many control panels and buttons scattered in the room, they all serve a useful function.

The innovative valet box with call button allows guests to pickup and drop-off items without having to open the door to greet a hotel staff. It shows the hotel's commitment to respecting a guest's privacy.

The informative climate display is also unique providing comprehensive weather conditions including wind chill, wind speed, UV (ultraviolet index), outdoor temperature and humidity.

Indoor humidity can also be adjusted in the bedroom which is rare even in a 5-star hotel. The hotel is also the first property in the world to equip nail dryers in all rooms.

The toilets are very hi-tech, as expected in Japan. See the pictures and movies below for further details.

The hotel was sourced and booked through the luxury lifestyle hotel authority, Kiwi Collection. For students interested in learning more about the portal frequented by many discerning travelers, we will have another article in the coming weeks to showcase this important website.

Dual telephone at the desk
Telephone with automatic LCD display
Wireless Skype capable phone that works anywhere in the hotel, as well as outside as it is connected to both the hotel phone system and the cellular network in Japan.

Direct dial to:
Front desk/Room Service/Concierge/Housekeeping/Voice mail
Additional features:
Hotel Services
Phone function/Bluetooth
Line 1/2, Speaker phone
Automatic LCD display with motion censor

Motion detecting LCD

Printer/Fax machine at the desk
A standard Peninsula Hotel feature in every room
Dedicated fax number
Colour inkjet printing, scanning, copying
Guests connect to printer via USB at panel below
Cables included in separate pouch
CD with scanner driver also included
Unit slides out for easy access

Network panel at the desk
Fax waiting notification
Network (Ethernet)
USB (for printing to above in-room fax/copier/printer)
100/200v dual power outlet

Closeup of 100 volts & 200 volts dual power outlets
accommodates various plugs from different countries
adapters generally not required

Internet Radio at the desk
Seek forward and backward

Outdoor Climate information panel
Wind direction, speed, wind chill temperature
Outdoor temperature
UV index

Coffee maker
regular coffee
boils hot water for tea
steams milk for cappuccino

Media connection to the TV
Memory card: CF1/II, SM/xD, MS/PRO, SD/MMC
VGA Input, Audio, Video

Bedside control panel
alarm clock with independent battery (power disruption proof)
Privacy control: room and phone
Lighting control: master/mood/night
Temperature & fan speed control, Entertainment control

Bedroom lighting and temperature control
3 Mood light settings
Automatic curtain
Humidity control

Bedside lighting control
Bedhead light
Reading light

Auto blinds
gives feedback on whether it's opening or closing

Dressing room area telephone and control panel
Clock/Outdoor humidity and temperature
Valet call/Privacy Please
Fax Waiting (notification)
Make up room
Light/Mood light
Radio: channel & volume control

Valet Box in the dressing room area
To receive complimentary shoe shine,
and to receive laundry and packages
without disturbing a guest to have to
answer the door.
Service request button
Valet box delivery waiting notification light

Nail dryer at the desk in the dressing room
first in the industry to offer nail polish dryer
standard in all rooms

Bathtub with control panel to TV, telephone, lighting functions
Off/TV/Video/Radio: Channel & volume control
Line 1/2/Hold/Operator/Hang up
Privacy Please
Mood light
Emergency Assistance

Closeup of a control panel next to another bathtub
Off/TV/Video/Radio: Channel & volume control
Line 1/2/Hold/Operator/Hang up
Privacy Please/Spa/Mood light
Emergency Assistance

Bathroom wall control panel for TV, telephone, lighting functions, with built-in TV
Full numeric keypad for telephone
Off/TV/Video/Radio: channel & volume control
Privacy Please

Bathroom equipped with hi-tech toilet
automatic flush, with power-deodorizer
automatic seat, motion sensor to self-lift
heated seat, temperature control
bidet, spray, dryer, etc.

Toilet Control panel
Spray/Soft spray/bidet/dryer
heated, self-lifting seat
Dryer, power-deodorizer

Motion detecting toilet

A 5 minutes video about the in-room technology.

A 7 minutes video in Japanese about the Peninsula Tokyo hotel, when it first opened in fall 2007. Interview with the hotel General Manager, Malcolm Thompson, was conducted in English. Mr. Thompson was formerly the General Manager of the Park Hyatt Tokyo.


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