Update from one of our graduates!

news from Ivy who is currently in Switzerland

Dear Susan and Tia,

How are you? I am Ivy, the student who went to SFU at the same time and graduated from IHMC in 2009. I have been studying the MBA program in Les Roches for almost a year now. The program ends in December, which is only 7 weeks away. In 2011, I will start working and finish my final dissertation, which is required for the MBA degree.

I am writing this email to share good news with you. I got my first job offer today from Hotel Grand Del Mar in San Diego. The position is a Room Division Management trainee. The property is very beautiful as you can see from its website (http://www.thegranddelmar.com/). I am taking my time to make the decision because I still have interviews for Shangri-La, Six Senses and other companies next week.

Besides Hotel Grand Del Mar, I have also gone to interviews for W Hotel Taipei, ONYX Hotel Group and Universal Resorts Maldives. There are many recruiters coming to the school this year. I have passed three interviews for W Hotel Taipei. However, I rejected the offer because they only have operational jobs available. I went to the interview mainly for experience.

I would like to thank you for making me a professional individual. I realized how different things would be if I do not have IHMC and internships from Holiday Inn and Fairmont Hotel Vancouver on my resume. My experience at IHMC was life changing. I would not come to Les Roches if I did not hear about it from IHMC and I would not be confident during the interviews if I did not have hotel work experience in Holiday Inn and Fairmont.

Thank you so much, Susan and Tia. Thank you so much for all the knowledge, experience and life lessons you have given me. I wanted to write this email a long time ago after having my first interview in school. I decided to wait till I get my first job offer so I can share some good news with you. Today, I got my first job offer and I hope there will be more.

Thank you both again. I cannot thank you enough. You opened the first door for me and now it is my time to work hard and explore. I will keep you updated with my job offers (I hope there will be more) and my final decision.

Have a wonderful day


Graduate Student of Imperial Hotel Management College, 2009


Yury Bond said…
It was my pleasure to meet Ivy in IHMC.

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