The Power of Advice

an interview with several successful hotel executives
a must-watch for everyone

On their journey to becoming trusted advisers, HVS Executive Search explores what business leaders are looking for in an advisor. They ask the question: "What is the power of advice?"

Leading personalities from the hospitality industry delve into the importance of mentorship, listening skills, empathy and objectivity when getting and giving advice. The film follows 20 hospitality leaders through Hong Kong, London, New York and Las Vegas as they oversee their global organizations. During this journey the film revealed themes that include:

Is it lonely at the top?
Respecting that others have knowledge
The role of intuition and gut in decision-making
Recognising what you don't know
The role of advice in teams and the quality of your people
That you need to learn how to give advice
That good advice makes you think and gain a perspective
Telling the truth is absolutely essential
The DNA of a good advisor

The Power of Advice by HVS Executive Search


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