How to button a suit

learn the basic yet important rules

A well-tailored suit is a critical component of any well-dressed man's wardrobe. There are several different styles of suits available; some are classic and never go out of style, and some are a product of the latest trend. Regardless of what kind of suit you don, it is important to understand that there are some rules governing how the suit should be worn specifically, you should button a suit a certain way. 

Choose your style of suit. The buttoning scheme you follow will depend on the type of suit you are wearing. Suit jackets are available in both a single-breasted style, in which there is a narrow overlap between the 2 flaps, and a double-breasted style, in which there is a wide overlap between the 2 flaps and 2 rows of buttons. Single-breasted jackets will either have 1, 2, 3, or even 4 buttons. Double-breasted suit jackets will typically have 6 buttons, with either 1 or 2 that are actually buttoned.

Button a 1-button single-breasted suit jacket. If your jacket only has 1 button, keep it buttoned at all times when standing. When sitting down, unbutton the jacket so that it doesn't bunch awkwardly. 

Button a 2-button single-breasted suit jacket. This is one of the most common styles of suits, and represents a rather timeless design. When standing, button only the top button. When sitting, unbutton the jacket to allow it to drape more gracefully. Never button the bottom button; doing so will keep the suit from draping properly around your waist. 

Button a 3 or 4-button single-breasted jacket. With a 3-button jacket, always button the middle button, and optionally, the top button. Again, unbutton the suit when sitting down. Never button the bottom button; on some 3-button suits, the hole will not even line up with the button. On a 4-button suit jacket, always button the middle 2 buttons, fasten the top button if desired, and never fasten the bottom button. Unbutton the suit when sitting. 

Button a 6-on-1 double-breasted jacket. A 6-on-1 jacket is one on which there are 6 buttons visible with only 1 that can be fastened on the outside. Start by buttoning the interior button (if there is one), sometimes called the "jigger." Then button the 1 exterior button that can be fastened. Leave these buttons fastened both sitting and standing. A double-breasted suit, if fitted well, should still drape well if left buttoned sitting down; this prevents you from having to fumble with the inner button when sitting. 

Button a 6-on-2 double-breasted jacket. A 6-on-2 jacket is a 6-button jacket with 2 buttons that can be fastened. Start by fastening the inner button. Then, button only the top exterior button. Leave these buttons fastened both sitting and standing. In some cases, you can opt to button only the lower button, but both buttons should never be fastened at the same time.

Button your vest, if applicable. If you are wearing a vest with your suit, button all the buttons except for the lowest one.


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