Natasha Sweeney, Class of 2009

Words of Encouragement

Natasha Sweeney who graduated the Executive Hotel Management Diploma Program in 2009 visited IHMC in mid August and shared her current career course with us.

My Experience at IHMC
My name is Natasha Sweeney and I am currently the Hilton Meetings Manager at Hilton Vienna in Austria.

My journey began at IHMC in Vancouver with the Executive Diploma in Hotel Management. When I started IHMC I was young and apprehensive, however throughout the 9 month program I gained so much knowledge about the hotel industry, etiquette, and networking that when I graduated I was a confident and professional student ready to start my career.

The unique teaching style of 3 hour classes and 3 hour work experience really helped me learn the material faster and gain a better understanding of how a hotel works. IHMC does not only teach about the hotel business, the school also communicates a treasure of information regarding networking, professionalism, cultural training and of course… wine studies!

IHMC also gives you the opportunity to transfer directly to some of the best Hotel Management schools in the world such as Swiss Hotel Management School in Monteux, Switzerland (SHMS). I transferred directly from IHMC into my 3rd year in SHMS. Initially I found the transfer into 3rd year a hurdle, as it was a much bigger school, and the work load was considerably more, however the solid foundation of skills and knowledge I learned at IHMC helped me to stay focused and work hard. At the end of SHMS there was a beautiful graduation ceremony in Switzerland and as I held my Bachelor Degree I thought about IHMC and the great friends I made, the knowledgeable teachers I met and the overall great experience I had.

Susan, Eric and Ted hope you are all doing well, let’s do an IHMC reunion! ☺


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